Certificate English course

Students whose knowledge is low, mainly beginners, will be trained with the basics of the English language at these levels. Anyone who wishes to learn English and speak effectively can join our courses as having prior knowledge of English is not compulsory. Our syllabus and training system is designed in such a way that any person, even foreigners who cannot speak English can catch up from the beginning. Beginners are trained to start from the alphabet.

Advanced certificate course

Advanced Certificate Level is the second level where students with average English Knowledge are trained. They are trained in effective methods in communication covering all four skills while being trained for public speaking.

03 Months English Diploma

Students who have average knowledge are directed to follow this course which gives a comprehensive knowledge about the English language and training in four skills speaking, writing, reading and listening. They spend three months (five days a week) practising English with the latest trends in the international use of the language with the help of cutting-edge training facilities including online sessions.

Night Classes

This class is exclusively developed for those who are willing to improve their English language skills, but the time doesn’t allow them. Our accredited Intensive English night classes offer a fast, enjoyable and effective way to improve your English language skills, whatever your current language level is. You have the opportunity to customize your course with specific skill lessons, including business English and exam preparation, as well as extend the period of the program.

Weekend classes

Weekend classes are the ideal way for the students who are willing to improve their English but are busy on weekdays. Conducted by professional and qualified teachers, weekend classes will help you refine your English language skills to meet the present demands of society as well as the job market.

60 days spoken English

This 60 Day English course is designed to improve speaking language skill while engaging in activities that improve and build their personality and life skills as well. This course teaches how to face interviews, interview dress codes and how to create bio-data.