Online Courses

Students experience a new era of learning at the comfort of their own home while achieving all the targets of learning a second language.

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Meet our Staff

Producing and graduating students under the expert guidance of our dynamic, well-educated foreign and local team of lecturers.

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Personal Assistant

Students can practice spoken and grammar lessons with our artificial intelligence mobile personal assistant.

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Professional Certificate

Our programs have gained validity and there is a high value to our certificates from the corporate world.

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New Courses

Online Spoken English Course

Our flexible time frames enable any individual to study English whenever he or she has free time.

Online Grammar Course

This class is exclusively developed for those who are willing to improve their English language skills.


BCE presents complete training for IELTS, with qualified professional lecturers who are up-to-date on the subject.

About Us

BCE is an Intensive English Language Program centre that helps students improve their English knowledge. We have been working in many countries, offering a wide range of services and activities.

We are committed to delivering improved services to our students. Our work focuses on English, education and society, we used practical methods to teach the English language.

We offer up-to-date language learning technology, fantastic student facilities and friendly and highly experienced teachers and staff. As one of the premier English language training centres, we also help professionals to improve their English and acquire new skills to advance in their careers.

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